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He took my innocence then abandoned me. Now I have to move in with him…

It’s been ten years.
Ten years since that night.
I’ve changed so much since then.
But William Jordan is exactly the same.

Gruff. Arrogant. A cold-hearted billionaire.
He’s also the $exiest guy I’ve ever fricking seen.

Any chance we might have had for happiness died when I dated his brother.
And he dated my best friend…

At least, that’s what I thought, until the revelations begin.
Now I don’t know what to think, and I don’t know who to trust.

I’m back in Pine Creek, but not for long.
I want to keep my head down, find a way to win my business back.
But someone’s got it in for me, keeps knocking me down.

William is pulling me in to him, body and soul. I don’t know how to resist.
Even worse, I don't know if I want to.

This second chance romantic suspense is so hot it’ll have you reaching for ice. Happily ever after guaranteed.

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He broke my heart. Now my life depends on him…

ANGEL: I thought this was going to be simple.
Go home, open my bakery, help out the local community.
That all flies out the window when I see Dante Marino.

Gone is the sweet, curly-haired Italian guy who took my virginity.
In his place: an ex-Navy SEAL, now the billionaire CEO of a security agency.
Who just so happens to be a gruff, panty-destroying stud.
Exactly the kind of guy I should avoid.
Until someone threatens to kill me.

Then Mr. Panty-Destroyer and I are going to have to get close.
All over again.

DANTE: I’m not back in Cape Sunset to see Angel Parios.
I can’t afford to be distracted by her.
No matter how perfect her body, no matter how sweet her smile.
No matter how many filthy things I want to do to her.
I’m here on a mission – investigate the seedy underbelly of my childhood home.
There’s no way I deserve a second chance with Angel.

But when it comes down to it, I know I’d die for her.
Because Guarding Angel makes me feel alive.

An ambitious, gutsy heroine. A protective, damaged hero. If you like scorching hot romance and chilling suspense, you’ll love this tale of second chance love, with spine-tingling danger and pulse-pounding action. Happy Ever After 100% guaranteed.


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